The Early Childhood Education program focuses on delivering an educational foundation in the growth and development of young children. The program prepares students to work with children to promote their cognitive, emotional, language, physical, and social development.  As part of the program, students will work directly with young children in the model laboratory on campus or on approved sites. A Diploma will be awarded upon successful completion. Outside work required.


The Early Childhood Education program is intended to provide career-focused students an educational foundation for working with young children in varied educational settings. 

Students will:

  • Describe basic concepts of child development
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of the characteristics and needs of young children including factors that influence their learning environments
  • Plan/Create safe/healthy/respectful/supportive learning environments
  • Comprehend observations, documentation, assessments, and their uses to improve child development
  • Understand and apply skills to support children’s social/emotional/physical/intellectual advancement together with language and literacy development
  • Identify and work with differing approaches, instructional methodologies, and tools used to interact and constructively work with children and their families/communities 
  • Uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards, applying knowledge gained in the program to real world scenarios


  • Background check and drug screening where applicable
  • Have a High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent 
  • Pass the entrance examination

Early Childhood Education Diploma

Campus Information
Method of Delivery
  • On Campus
Course Outline

To receive a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, students must complete 36.0 semester credit hours. This Diploma program can be completed in 12 months for full-time students.

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Core Courses: 36.0 credit hours

Credit Hours
ECD 1000 Secure and Nurturing Environments for Young Children w/CPR 3.0
ECD 1200 Infant and Toddler Care 3.0
ECD 1300 Early Childhood Development 3.0
ECD 2000 Assessment and Directional Learning in Early Childhood 3.0
ECD 2100 Foundations in Curriculum in Early Childhood Education 3.0
ECD 2200 Early Childhood Education Literacy 3.0
ECD 2400 Early Childhood Education Administration 3.0
ECD 2500 Early Childhood Development Practicum I 3.0
ECD 2600 Early Childhood Development Practicum II 3.0
ECD 2700 Early Childhood Development Practicum III 3.0
ECD 2800 Early Childhood Development Practicum IV 3.0
ECD 2900 Early Childhood Development Practicum V 3.0