The Hospitality program will train students for entry-level employment in the hospitality industry. Students will be prepared with competencies in the areas of sales, financial management, food and beverage sales and safety, facilities maintenance and housekeeping, as well as general accounting tailored to the hotel and resort industry. Course work will focus on the business aspects of the hospitality operations and incorporate externships to solidify skills.


The Hospitality program will prepare students to be able to:

  • Understand the basic functions, objective, and operational skills that are common to the hospitality industry
  • Demonstrate content knowledge in the field of hotel, resort, and hospitality management
  • Research and analyze information in the field
  • Translate theory into practical applications in the resort, hospitality, recreation and tourism industry
  • Demonstrate satisfactory oral and written presentation skills
  • Demonstrate industry competency and skills during field experiences/externships
  • Evaluate information in order to understand the dynamics of changing work environments, problem solve, make decisions, and provide leadership skills necessary to succeed in the hotel, resort, hospitality, and tourism profession
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate real-world work experiences and apply textbook theory
  • Use accounting and financial skills necessary to demonstrate competence in dealing with changing economic conditions in the hotel, resort and hospitality industry

Admission Requirements

  • Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Pass the entrance examination
  • Background Check and Drug Screening where applicable

Hospitality Certificate

Campus Information
Method of Delivery
  • On Campus
Course Outline

To receive a Certificate in Hospitality, students must complete 31.0 semester credit hours (998 clock hours). This Certificate program can be completed in 8 months for full-time students and 14 months for part-time students. Evening students will be required to complete the Externship portion of the program during the day.

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Courses: 31.0 credit hours

Credit Hours
HFT 1101: Introduction to Hospitality Industry 4.0
HFT 1102: Supervision in Hospitality Industry 4.0
HFT 1103: Front Desk Administration 4.0
HFT 1104: Food and Beverage Management 4.0
HFT 1105: Hospitality Marketing, Sales & Promotion 4.0
HFT 1106: Selected Topics in Hospitality Management 4.0
HFT 1107: Hospitality Externship I 3.5
HFT 1108: Hospitality Externship II 3.5