The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program integrates didactic, laboratory and clinical experiential learning. Sonographers are highly skilled professionals who provide patient services using diagnostic techniques under the supervision of a licensed Doctor of Medicine or osteopathy. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers perform two-dimensional, Doppler and other sonographic procedures and record data for interpretation by a physician.


The goal of the program is to prepare competent-entry-level general sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains.

Admission Requirements

  • Have a High School Diploma or GED
  • Pass the entrance exam
  • Background check and drug screening where applicable
  • Successful completion of all general education courses with a minimum grade of “C” or higher
  • Cumulative grade average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in completed general education courses

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate

Campus Information
Method of Delivery
  • On Campus
Course Outline

To receive a Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, students must complete 61.0 core credit hours and 12.0 credit hours in General Education courses for a total of 73.0 credit hours (2202 instructional clock hours). This Certificate program can be completed in 20 months for full-time students.

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Major Courses (61.0 credit hours)

The following courses are taken in the sequence listed below:

Credit Hours
SON 1000C: Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography 4.0
SON 1614C: Acoustic Physics & Instrumentation 4.0
SON 1113C: Cross-Sectional Anatomy 4.0
SON 2111C: Abdominal Sonography 4.0
SON 1100C: Practical Aspects of Sonography 4.0
SON 1804: Clinical Rotation I 3.5
SON 1814: Clinical Rotation II 3.5
SON 2120C: OB/GYN Sonography I 4.0
SON 2122C: OB/GYN Sonography II 4.0
SON 1824: Clinical Rotation III 3.5
SON 2009: Diagnostic Medical Sonography Review 2.0
SON 2864: Clinical Rotation VII 2.0
SON 2844: Clinical Rotation V 3.5

The following courses may be taken in any order however SON 2854 Clinical Rotation VI must be taken prior to SON 2834 Clinical Rotation IV.

SON 2154C: Superficial Structures and Neonatal Brain 4.0
SON 2171C: Vascular Sonography 4.0
SON 2854: Clinical Rotation VI 3.5
SON 2834: Clinical Rotation IV 3.5

General Education Courses (8.0 credit hours)

English (2.0 credit hours)

ENC 111: English Composition I 3.0

Mathematics (2.0 credit hours)

MAT 113: Intermediate Algebra 3.0

Natural Science (4.0 credit hours)

BSC 215: Human Anatomy & Physiology 3.0
PHY 220: General Physics 3.0