Nursing Program, Associate of Science


The Nursing Program is for those students who desire to become Nurses. This program is open to enrollment by students with no prior nursing or allied health education or experience. It also offers transitional enrollment options for those with a valid, active, unrestricted Florida LPN license. Students will be taught to demonstrate professional and caring behaviors, utilize therapeutic communication techniques, perform holistic assessments, assess the strengths and resources of patients and families, coordinate care for patients and families, teach necessary health information to consumers of health, apply mathematical calculations to safely administer medications, collaborate with members of the healthcare team and apply critical thinking and the nursing process consistently. An Associate of Science degree will be awarded upon successful completion of the program. Outside work required.

Students who have successfully met all educational and institutional requirements for the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing program from Southeastern College are eligible to have their names submitted to the Florida Board of Nursing to be considered as a candidate for the NCLEX-RN. The Florida Board of Nursing is the state agency authorized to determine if the applicant qualifies to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) for licensure as a Registered Nurse.


This program prepares students for an entry-level position as a Nurse. Students will be exposed to professional nursing encompassing legal and ethical decision-making in the promotion of health in the community. Students will demonstrate the use of the nursing processes to meet multiple health needs for adults and children in a variety of health care settings, communicate therapeutically with families, groups and individuals, synthesize and communicate relevant data effectively and concisely, and utilize management skills and concepts to plan and coordinate patient care. Students will assume the role of the associate degree nurse as a member of the health care team and will integrate theoretical content of general education classes with nursing theory and practice.


  • Submit Application
  • Pass entrance exam
  • Pass Nursing Pre-Entrance exam
  • Submit written essay
  • Interview with Nursing Program Director
  • Abuse registry clearance
  • Level II Background Check and fingerprints
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen within 6 months prior to starting Nursing Program Core Courses.
  • Provide   documentation   of   health   examination   within   6   months   prior   to starting Nursing Program Core Courses
  • Provide  TB  test  within  one  year  of starting Nursing Program Core Courses or  Chest X-ray  Documentation  within  two  years  of starting Nursing Program Core Courses.(Must be renewed if date expires at any  point during the program)
  • Provide Current Immunization Documentation as required by program and clinical sites
  • Possess  a current  eight  hours  American  Heart  Association  CPR  Certification  prior  to starting Nursing Program  Core Courses for  those  entering  with  a  valid, active,  unrestricted  Florida  LPN  license  and  prior  to  the Nursing Program Core Courses for all other students
  • Graduates of Southeastern College’s Practical Nurse Program may provide proof of a valid, active, unrestricted Florida License as a Practical Nurse within 90 days from the start of his/her first general education course. Failure to provide a valid, active, unrestricted license within 90 days will result in withdrawal of the student from the school.
  • Medical insurance is required prior to the first day of beginning general education courses.

Admission to the Registered Nurse Core Classes

Please note that the following requirements must all be met or maintained in order to advance into the Nursing Program
Core Courses:

  • Intermediate Algebra and all science courses (Human Anatomy and Physiology I, Advanced Human Anatomy, and Microbiology courses and labs) must have been completed within 5 years prior to starting Nursing Program Core Courses.
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.00 in the pre-requisite general education courses is required to enter the core Nursing Program Core Courses. If a candidate transfers a general education courses(s), those courses and grades earned will be used to calculate the CGPA. The College will use the credit value and grade scale for current Southeastern College general education courses in the computation of the CGPA. The credit values at a minimum must be equivalent to current Southeastern College general education courses. The student may elect not to transfer in any general education courses.
  • A 10 Panel Drug Screen and Level II Background check and fingerprints will be conducted again, if deemed necessary by Program Director. If the candidate tests positive for the drug screen or items appear on the background check that violate the clinical site terms of agreement, he/she will not be allowed to proceed into the Nursing Core Courses. In the event of errors for items appearing on the background check that violate clinical site terms of agreement, the candidate will not be allowed to proceed to the Nursing Program Core Courses unless he/she is able to provide corrected documentation.
  • The currency and unrestricted nature of the practical nursing license will be checked again prior to entering the Nursing Program Core Courses (if applicable). If a candidate’s license/certification is not current or unrestricted at this time or he/she is unable to provide documentation, he/she will be registered as a non-transitional student and will not receive transfer credit.
  • Active medical insurance is required prior to the first day of starting Nursing Program Core Courses. Medical insurance must be maintained throughout the duration of your time in the Nursing Program.

Course Outline

To receive an Associate of Science Degree in the Nursing program, students must complete 38.5 semester credit hours in their major and 30.0 semester credit hours in general education courses for a total of 68.5 semester credit hours (1822 clock hours). The LPN transitional student will receive 4.5 transfer credits* upon entrance into the program and the submission of a valid, active, unrestricted Florida LPN License.

This Associate of Science Degree program can be completed in 23 months for all full-time students.

Nursing Program Core Courses (38.5 credit hours)

Fundamentals of Nursing* 5.0 credit hours
 Nursing Pharmacology 3.0 credit hours
Transition to Nursing 4.5 credit hour
Maternity Nursing Care 3.0 credit hours
Basic Adult Health Care 7.5 credit hour
Advanced Adult Health Care 8.0 credit hour
Pediatric Nursing 3.0 credit hour
Nursing Roles Practicum 4.5 credit hour

* Upon admission to the program, 4.5 credit hours will be awarded for this course upon proof of a valid, active, unrestricted Florida LPN license.

*General Education Courses ( 30.0 credit hours )
American Literature** OR English Literature** 3.0 credit hours
Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3.0 credit hours
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1.0 credit hours
Advanced Anatomy & Physiology 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Anatomy & Physiology Lab 1.0 credit hours
Introduction to Computers 3.0 credit hours
Life Span Development 3.0 credit hours
English Composition 3.0 credit hours
Intermediate Algebra 3.0 credit hours
Microbiology 3.0 credit hours
Microbiology Lab 1.0 credit hours
Speech 3.0 credit hours

**Non Pre-Requisite general education course, must be completed prior to graduation

*Students will only be allowed three (3) attempts to retake a General Education Course when a grade of D, F, or W has been attained. Students will only be allowed 1 retake of a Nursing Program core course and only a total of 3 different Nursing Program core courses may be retaken.

This program is offered at the Miami Lakes Area Branch Campus.

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