Welcome to Southeastern College Center for Nursing Education

Southeastern College Center for Nursing Education offers an innovative approach that addresses the nursing shortage through specialized skills training and continuing education programs.

Our programs focus on bringing specialized skills training and continuing education to nurses, technicians and doctors at the hospitals in the areas of Labor and Delivery, Operating Room, Emergency Nursing and other areas where invasive procedures are performed such as radiology.

The instructional methodology of theses programs combines theory, hands-on practice, and clinical rotations taught on-site at your facility. Our instructors work with the employee students and your preceptors to provide a formal and consistent education program.

As a result of our innovative approach our clients have experienced a faster learning curve for their employees, increased employment and retention, and better orientation to their new and existing roles thus making them more competent and loyal employees.

Available Programs:

  • Introduction to Perioperative Nursing
  • AWHONN Perinatal Orientation and Education
  • AWHONN Neonatal Orientation and Education
  • Emergency Nursing Orientation
  • Perioperative Nursing in Obstetrics
  • Perioperative Basics for Radiology
  • Perioperative Nursing for Invasive Procedures
  • CNOR certification test prep

Benefits of partnering/outsourcing for specialized skills training:

  • Reduce and control operating costs (eliminate research, development, marketing and deployment expenses).
  • Improve company focus (stick to what you do best, healthcare).
  • Gain access to world-class capabilities (Take advantage and leverage our methodology, people and experience).
  • Free nursing resources from internal focus to external focus (patient care).
  • Resources are not available internally (no need to find new resources when new regulation are passed)

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