Emergency Lockdown


Emergency Lockdown is used to dramatically and rapidly enhance the level of security in the facility. By locking all exterior, interior and class doors, staff can make it more difficult for dangerous person(s) in the vicinity or in the facility to gain access to staff and students.

Note: Locking doors should not eliminate immediate egress possibilities from the facility.

The objective- create as many physical layers of separation between you and the potential aggression.

Staff Response

  1. Make sure entrance points to the building near your location are locked immediately.
  2. If you are located in an area with a door that can be locked, gather all students in the vicinity into the room and lock the door.
  3. Improvise additional door blocking if possible.
  4. Close blinds and close additional windows with shirt, turned table, paper, etc.
  5. Turn off lights in the room.
  6. If possible, report your status to the lead administrator or designee by telephone or intercom.
  7. Do not open the door for people claiming to be public safety personnel unless you have an opportunity to view photo identification or are instructed to do so by a staff member whom you recognize.