External Lockdown


External lockdown creates a physical layer of security between the internal and external dimensions of the campus. By locking all exterior doors and supervising these doors, staff can make it more difficult for a possible external intruder or a potentially dangerous person in the vicinity of the facility to gain access to staff and students. This lockdown allows staff and students to continue with productive activities while maintaining access control to the facility.

Objective – create a physical layer of security between the external environment and internal campus operation while elevating the overall level of security.

Staff Response

  1. Make sure the designated entrance points to the building near your location are locked immediately.
  2. If you are in an external classroom to the main building move students to alternative internal classrooms.
  3. If possible, report your status to the lead administrator or designee by telephone or intercom.
  4. Continue with normal activities as much as the situation allows.
  5. If students or staff have a need to move about in the building, obtain permission first from the lead administrator or designee.
  6. Be prepared to rapidly implement an emergency evacuation or emergency lockdown –if directed to do so or if circumstances indicate you should do so.