Massage Therapy 101: Where Does A Massage Therapist Work?

  December 15, 2019    /      11:35 am    /      s.han

If you have ever thought about becoming a massage therapist, you may have imagined working at a nice spa in your neighborhood that has small water features and relaxing music playing in the background, but this isn’t your only option.

One of the best aspects of this profession is that massage therapists can work in numerous different settings. As a part of our career services, we try to help our massage therapy students find such positions after graduation, so we are sharing all of the different work settings for massage therapists that you may have never imagined.

Where Do Massage Therapists Work?

Where a massage therapist works will depend in large part on what they are looking for. Some people may feel more comfortable in a spa setting, while others may want to be more involved in the medical side of the field. As a career training school in South Florida, we work with plenty of people just like you, so we know that the options are numerous.

Spa Settings

For those more interested in the arts of massage therapy and holistic medicine, working in a spa setting can be a good choice for them. Spas can vary depending on several factors, but most of them still use massage therapists. For this reason, massage therapists can work in all-inclusive resorts, hotels, luxury stay spas, day spas, and even wellness centers. You will have to decide which setting is right for you if you decide to pursue this career.

Medical Settings

When most people think about where a massage therapist works, they may neglect to think about the more medical side of the profession. Professional massage therapists can not only practice in a spa, but also in a variety of health-related environments. You may find a massage therapist at a physician’s office, a rehab center, a chiropractor’s office, or even a hospital.

Don’t forget you can do freelance massage therapy work as well. This allows you to work on your own schedule. In this case, you may travel to a client’s home or even host clients in your own home.

Ready to dive into a career in this field? At Southeastern College, we offer a Clinical Massage Therapy program for students interested in taking their first steps toward trying to become a massage therapist and work in one of these many settings. Reach out to us today to get started.